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About Us - Who We Are

We are Survivors.

Each member of our support group has suffered a major loss through the suicide of a loved one at some point in his or her life.

It may have been a mother or father, brother, sister, child, friend, lover or any significant other in our lives.

How do we operate?

We find that through sharing experiences and feelings with other members of the group who have "been there", many seemingly unresolved issues are ameliorated, or at least brought to the surface.

We talk, share, encourage and relate experiences. We are a safe place to vent strong feelings in a supportive environment.

We also provide support in the community, through local schools and churches. Anyone who wishes so, may contact Loving Outreach to request a speaker for their organization.

What Happens?

You will find relief from your isolation. There is a great healing and comfort in empathy.

You will find people like yourself ... nice people from families, who have experienced the magnitude of this heartbreak. These people understand your despair, anger and guilt.

They understand the judgement, loss of self-esteem and the religious connotations you may have experienced. They understand your IFs, WHYs and your search for answers.

They understand. They accept your support ... they too, have been there.